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The skills that you will learn are essential and specific to selling off-plan properties. The key to your sales success will start by learning creative, effective prospecting techniques and adopting an integrated approach to nurturing leads and converting them into prospects and acquiring specific selling skills to help you close more off-plan deals &  close faster.

Learning Takeaways:

  • Learn creative and effective prospecting techniques
  • Increase your “win rate” by adopting an integrated approach to generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers
  • Learn the key and specific selling skills to close more Off-plan deals
  • Understand the Dominant Buying Motive behind each buyer’s persona and how to close them.


To be a top performing Sales Professional, you need to develop unique attributes and acquire necessary skills. In the following learning engagement, you will learn the required skills and understand the importance of your mindset, personality, and work methods become a top performing Sales Professional.

Learning Takeaways:

  • Discover how the top performing Sales Professionals succeed in their jobs by defining their mindset, attitude, and work methods.
  • Identify the key to being highly productive through practical attention and time management skills.
  • Acquire communication techniques to create a meaningful prospective buyer engagement where she/he values you and your offerings.
  • Learn how to choose the right closing technique for each sales interaction.


Our bespoke, sales training solutions are designed to fit around your business, tailored to your team’s exact requirements.

At the Academy, our facilitators understand that every business is unique, with its objectives and challenges. Our approach is to employ various assessment initiatives that include field observations and training needs analysis. This will enable us to understand your challenges and business objectives. We will develop a training solution customized to your organization that will help accelerate your team’s sales performance.


With the evolution of the sales process over the last two decades, successful sales professionals are increasing their win rates by connecting with their prospective buyers through storytelling.

Axession Sales Enabler is a project-specific sales training and certification solution, empowering your team to become project sales experts. Our experienced sales facilitators will guide and coach your team in building a powerful and unique selling proposition (USP) utilizing a methodology based on the project’s features, functions, advantages, and benefits.

Your sales team will be able to apply the unique selling proposition and communicate them through telling a story that inspired by the project, the lifestyle, and the properties investment potential.


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